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Certification FAI IPPI 3: Club Pilot course


In this course, you will learn the content of the Initiation and Progression to Paragliding courses. It is ideal for those individuals who  want to obtain their certification in just 12 days.


DURATION: 12 days.


OBJETIVE: You should have the skills you need to fly unsupervised and get the Certification FAI IPPI 3 (Club Pilot)


If you do not have 12 days, you just can split your course in two: Intensive Paragliding Beginner Course (6 days) & Intensive Paragliding Progression Course (6 days)

1.850€ (12 days course)


  • Eleven nights of accommodation
  • You will have a private room in a shared Andalusian Typic house (with garden & bbq!) at only 5 minutes walking from our paragliding School in Malaga!

This is an optional service. (From Malaga Airport)

TR-Steven Milev
TR-Steven Milev
Enero 16, 2024
Amazing experience, super responsive and easy , overall the team was amazing. Carina , Alex and Carlos looked after me and mi amor - Marta the Queen . Highly recommended - the views are spectacular and everything is organised very well. You want it , you deserve it , they’ve got it. We will be back soon x
sudhir immanni
sudhir immanni
Diciembre 25, 2023
Very professional paragliders . Felt very safe with them as a big group and Carina,Carlos and Alex were all wonderful and made our day enjoyable
Haroon Jogyat
Haroon Jogyat
Diciembre 23, 2023
I recently had an exhilarating experience with Escuela Oficial Parapente Air-Born Adventures Malaga The breathtaking views, professional instructors, and top-notch equipment made my tandem paragliding adventure truly unforgettable. Safety was paramount, and the knowledgeable staff ensured a seamless and enjoyable ride. Whether you're a thrill-seeker or a first-timer, I highly recommend Escuela Oficial Parapente Air-Born Adventures Malaga for an adrenaline-packed, soaring adventure in the skies.
Vedran Devcic
Vedran Devcic
Septiembre 13, 2023
I found Airborn on the internet. It was an amazing experience. I had evening flight with impressive view. Carina and Alejandro are were very friendly and I felt safe during whole experience. I strongly recommend Airborn to anyone who wants to have unforgettable experience. Thank a lot Carina and Alejandro
Cid Olausson
Cid Olausson
Agosto 10, 2023
We where a group of four people and had a fantastic experience. Outstanding service while booking, driving us to the location and during the flight. I can strongly recommend a paragliding with Air-Born!
Roger Benson
Roger Benson
Julio 3, 2023
I took my first course with Alex over 12 years ago and have flown with them ever since (we usually spend between 2 and 4 months in Spain every year), so over 260 flights to date. Alejandro and the other tandem pilots are all excellent - from piloting skills (essential), to ensuring you understand the process of taking off and landing. As important, is knowing when to fly, and when it is best to either wait for conditions to improve, or occasionally reschedule to another day. Safety is Paramount. Unfortunately some companies are more interested in making money, than client safety. I've seen a number of tandems flights when it has been dangerous, but they have still taken off with an unsuspecting client - who may have landed safely but had a bad experience !!! Airbourne Adventures (Alejandro & Carina) really is a "club". Everyone is made really welcome, regardless of whether you are doing a full course or a once in a lifetime tandem.
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones
Mayo 7, 2023
Alex and Carina who gave me my first lessons are excellent instructors with many years experience - they offer tailored instruction to suit the individual. They work at your own pace and nothing is too much trouble. We travelled to different locations in the local area and met some very interesting people. We also flew tandem as part of the course and felt very safe during the flight whilst being taught the basics of flight control. Airborn is highly recommended to any one who wants to learn this exciting hobby/sport. Adiós till next time......
Manon Davids
Manon Davids
Mayo 4, 2023
We had a fantastic experience. What a nice team! Alex, Carlos and Carina thanks for this beautiful day! We recommend it to everyone; we had a perfect take off and landing. 😉 Thanks!! Greets Bo and Manon!

Our intensive paragliding courses will start any date from September 25th to June 15th, so book now your paragliding lessons!

  • Rent of the paragliding equipment
  • Theoric paragliding lessons and practical instruction.
  • Shuttle to the flying sites & retrieves (differents areas)
  • Liability insurance.
  • Certification upon completion of the course

If you success to Paragliding Course, you will be qualify for a paragliding license with FEADA, FAI or RFAE upon completing your course with us.


Not included:


*Fee to join any of these organizations are not included in the price of the course.

* Travel Accident Insurance with full rescue/repatriation cover (mandatory)

What will I learn in this paragliding course?


  • Recognition of flight equipment and gear
  • Aerodynamics
  • Meteorology
  • Regulations
  • Safety


1st STAGE: Equipment preparation. Practice of canopy inflation and paraglider control.

2nd STAGE: Takeoff and landing practices. Gliding.

3rd STAGE: High-altitude flights. Approach maneuvers.



  • Recognition of the terrain and alternative landings
  • Flight margins (3 axes)
  • Handling incidents in flight
  • Active piloting
  • Speed polar curve
  • Hillside flying technique and basic knowledge of thermal flying
  • Emergency procedures
  • First aid
  • Emergency parachute usage


  • Performing “ears” (rapid descent technique)
  • Steering the paraglider using rear risers Use of the accelerator.
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Distinguishing between active safety and passive safety in flight
  • Hillside flying (utilizing the slope and its critical points; safety distances and regulations) and basic knowledge of thermal flying.

What happens if it rains and I can't complete the course?

OPTION 1: The days when flying is not possible will be credited** towards a future stay with us.

OPTION 2: On the days when flying is not possible, we offer guided visits to the typical places of Málaga.


**The credit does not include accommodation for the future stay.


IPPI Card provides a standard reference by wich all national programs may be compared. For the pilot who flies outside of his known or local area, it is a quick method of providing proof of flying experience, so this Card is valid only together with a current national licence or rating card. This Card can be requested if you success Progresion Course and after get FEADA License. Fees for those License are not included.

Does it include instructional tandem flights?

Yes, instructional tandem flights are one of the best ways to learn how to fly, perform maneuvers in flight, approaches, etc.

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