Parapente en Málaga con Air Born

Why choosing Málaga to learn paragliding?

Optimal Weather Conditions: Teba, situated in Málaga, provides favorable weather conditions for paragliding intensive lessons. With milder temperatures from October to June, it offers a more comfortable environment for the physical activities involved in the initial stages of learning.

Diverse Learning Stages: Intensive learning to paraglide involves various stages, with the initial phase requiring physical effort. In Teba, the first course focuses on activities such as inflating and controlling the wing, performed in a flat field. The subsequent stages are more technical and less physically demanding.

Gentler Meteorological Conditions: The weather conditions during the chosen period (October to June) are gentler and less aggressive, creating a safer environment for beginners’ first flights.

Visit the Experienced School: Teba is home to Air Born Parapente, the most experienced school in the area with over 14 years of expertise in training pilots. The school is recognized by the Andalusian Federation of Aerial Sports and the Royal Spanish Aeronautical Federation.

Welcoming Environment: If you’re considering learning to paraglide in Málaga, Teba offers a welcoming environment. You can explore more about the courses offered at this link, and you are invited to visit the school without any obligation.

In summary, Teba in Málaga stands out as an ideal location for paragliding instruction due to its favorable weather, diverse learning stages, gentle meteorological conditions, the presence of an experienced school, and a welcoming atmosphere for aspiring paragliders.

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